👀Why use monitoring 👀in social networks🤘?


Oh my friends! And that there are still people who ask me! Let's talk about monitoring.

In these times, there is no doubt that social networks They are a channel where you have to be, not only to promote yourself, but to know things about the competition that can come to us from scandal. And is that we all spend a lot of time on social networks, which has made it the favorite and indispensable promotion channel for a lot of brands and companies. Or not?

And is that the social networks are a world in themselves, which contain a lot of potentially useful information that can help businesses grow and increase profits. And so, all companies, eye, whatever size they are (from the freelance to the big company) have to use monitoring and work your web positioning very well.

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Why use social media monitoring?

Po na, I'm going to tell you, just in case it's still not clear at all.

✅ Monitoring creates a positive brand image for the user

There are lots of social media monitoring tools with which you can see what they ask you, if they mention you (or they insult you directly), if they retweet you or anything else. In addition, with these tools it is possible to interact from it with users: you can respond, like … whatever you really want. But the most important of them is that they allow you find out firsthand what the user wants, and this, in turn, allows you to develop a more personal relationship with the people who follow you.

Keep in mind a little thing, like this, without importance:

The user judges you based on how you interact with him, especially when it is a complaint or a question Click to Tweet

Thanks to a good monitoring You can respond quickly (but with a head, that no tool can respond for you) to negative comments and turn them into positive ones, which greatly improves your brand image. I insist, even if you are a small autonomous like me.

✅ Generate quality leads

Yes, monitoring can generate high quality leads, and that cool fabric.

In addition, experts in the sector say that in the coming years lsales on social networks will grow a lot, and for that, the monitoring It can be a very good way to create new opportunities not only for sales, but also for business. If you use a mole tool, you will also be able to monitor keywords on a lot of different platforms and integrate the results in a dashboard to take advantage of them and do SEO. Chachi

✅ Help create business strategies

Social networks are a place where everyone publishes what they want and want. They can use your product or service and post what they think of it on social networks, where everyone can see it. This may have a negative or positive impact in the growth of your business depending on the type of opinion you receive. With the monitoring From social networks, you can find out and keep track of the amount of positive, neutral and negative reviews. With this data, you can create strategies to perform different marketing tactics in social networks.

✅ Allows you to find Brand Ambassadors

I was really going to talk about influencers, but I sincerely believe that Brand Ambassadors are cooler because they do it from the heart.

With the help of the monitoring From social networks, you can identify the perfect brand ambassador for you. You can know who are the users with the highest participation rate and program your marketing strategies with them. Manual search takes a long time, but with monitoring things are much easier.

✅ You can follow your competition

The study of competition is one of the main tasks of social media marketing. Monitoring can help you know your competitors, their weaknesses and plan your strategies and tactics accordingly so you can have amazing exposure and even greater virality.

✅Fine your products and services with monitoring

With the monitoring You can know what is wrong and what is cool about what you offer. This is essential to improve your products or services. You can always ask your users directly if they don't give you the information you need on their own initiative.

These are some of the benefits of a good monitoring of your social networks, but surely you can tell me many more. Anyway, if you feel like talking about how to improve your social channels or your content, write me an email and chat for a while.

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