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MSQRD App to change faces in video and photos from your Android

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MSQRD to change faces

Funny photos with filters to change faces and modify images are more fashionable than ever. To create your own, today we present the MSQRD app, one of the funniest Android apps.

It has a lot of filters that you can put on your face, so that you become different animals or have different expressions. The idea is none other than to laugh at oneself. Later, you can share your images on social networks or send them to your friends. In this way, everyone can have a fun time while changing their faces to each other.

With MSQRD you can change faces and add filters to your photos

Change of faces for all tastes

Can you imagine becoming a tiger or a monkey? Well basically that's what MSQRD allows you to do. The app has many filters and masks that you can add to your photos.

In this way, you can change your face for the most fun you find. These filters adapt perfectly to the faces, so that the result is much more realistic and fun and you can laugh a while.

Android MSQRD app

Filters can be added both photos and videos. Thus, you can choose the option that is more fun, then share it with friends.

You do not even need to have a previous photo to add filters to. The application itself has a camera function, with which you can take photos and record videos directly. The idea is a bit similar to the Instagram stories, in which we can add different options.

Only on this occasion we will have different filters and we can share the result in any social network.

Share your face change on social networks

The real fun of MSQRD is not in taking the photos, but in sharing them. And that's why they make it easier for you to do it from the app itself. Once you have finished making your image, you will find the icons of Instagram or Facebook so you can share your images easily.

You will also have the option to save the photos on your device. In this way you can share them later or simply save them as a souvenir.

Download MSQRD Android app on Google Play

This application is completely free. The only thing you need is a smartphone not too old, that is, having Android 4.1 or higher. More than 10 million people are already fans of this app changes faces.

If you want to be the next to add fun filters to your photos, you can download it at the following link:


If you have tried MSQRD Android app and want to leave us your opinion about it, you can do so in the comments section, which you can find at the bottom of this article.

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