【DKV medical chart】 ▷ appointments, tests and more with DKV Medical Insurance Android app


DKV medical chart

If you have insurance DKV It is possible that at some point you have raised doubts about what comes into it or not, and the doctors you can go to. Until now, the only way to solve these doubts was by calling or going to one of the company's offices.

But now the company has its own Android application, where you can find all the necessary information to take advantage of your insurance.

DKV medical chart, appointments, tests and more with DKV Medical Insurance

Find the doctor you need

Probably, the most interesting function that you can find in the DKV app is the possibility of finding the doctors that best suit your needs. To do this, you can use your search engine. In it you will get results from all the centers and professionals that are part of the company. You will only have to indicate the specialty you need and you will be able to find all the options that you have around you.

If you wish, you can save some of the doctors as favorites. This way, finding them when you want a medical appointment with them will be easier. It will be something similar to how to request a medical appointment by Intersas.

DKV Medical Insurance Android app

Find the nearest DKV offices

Although in the app you have all the information available, you may have any questions that you prefer to resolve in person. In that case, the best thing to do is to approach a DKV office. But maybe you don't know where the closest one is to your home.

To solve this problem, the insurance company app uses geolocation to show you the location of the offices that best suit you on a map.

DKV medical tests appointments

Access your DKV medical insurance receipt history

Do you want to keep up to date the payments you have made to your insurance company? The DKV app also makes it easy for you. And it has a function that allows you to access the receipt history. In this way, you can have information on how much you have paid and when in the palm of your hand.

Thus, if there is something that does not match your calculations, you can solve it quickly and without too many complications.

android app DKV medical insurance

Download the DKV app

The DKV app is a service that the company offers to all its customers. And, therefore, it is a totally free option. All you need is a smartphone with Android 4.4 or higher. If you are interested in using the application, you can find it in the following link:

DKV Medical Insurance
DKV Medical Insurance

Do you have health insurance with DKV? Have you ever used your Android application to consult the DKV medical chart? A little further down you can find the comments section, where you can tell us your impressions about it, and share your experience with other users.

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