▷ Zao Android app, the most popular to change face and face 👀


Zao Android app

Do you want your face to replace the protagonist of your favorite movie? Now the new viral sensation coming from China allows you to do it with deepfakes. ZAO, an application free Face swapping, you can place your image in scenes from hundreds of movies and TV shows.

In so few days since it was released, the creators of Zao face a reluctant acceptance. More than anything because of the perceived threat to user privacy.

Zao's privacy generated an almost immediate reaction from users, who collapsed the App Store With thousands of negative reviews. It is no longer on Google Play, for now, but there is a way to have it with its APK.

Zao Android app, the most popular to change face and face

ZAO goes viral and the privacy of millions is at risk

As with the FaceApp controversy, it is the privacy policy of ZAO as much as its technology which has caused concern. Again, this is due to the rights granted by users to developers over uploaded images.

application change face ZAO

Problems about their privacy terms began to arise as a section of the user agreement indicates that consumers who upload their images agree to grant intellectual property rights to their faces and allow ZAO to use their images for marketing purposes.

The company has been forced to respond quickly to criticism. Now he says he will not use the photos or videos of his users for anything other than improvements to the application. It also states that all deleted content will be deleted from its servers when users delete their data from the Zao application.

At the moment, we only have to wait for the privacy surrounding the Chinese application Zao to adapt and change to reflect the concerns of the users. And then we can focus on the ease of mass deployment of a powerful application of Deepfake, which in itself raises all kinds of concerns.

Android face change app

Learn more about Zao Android app

ZAO is a type of Deepfake application. A human synthesis technology based on artificial intelligence that combines and overlays existing images and videos in source images or videos. Use artificially intelligent fake income to evaluate the images loaded on your face. So accurately locate them in the actors of movie clips.

If you load multiple images, including photos blinking or opening your mouth, the end result will be even more realistic. Basically, the software analyzes the positioning and facial expressions used in the video clips and recreates them using the digital information obtained from their facial images.

Once the video has been generated, you have two options. You can save it on your mobile as a file MP4 or copy the link to share with other applications.

Where to download Zao apk Android

At the moment all we know about this Chinese application Zao is that, it is an application destined to be the viral bombing. As soon as it is available worldwide, as long as it manages to resolve the controversy over the privacy policies of the service. It is worth mentioning that it is only available in Asia and has not yet been released to other regions of the world.

It is possible to download Zao and its APK, but then it is hell when it is registered by SMS from China, etc. If you want to launch it, there is an extensive guide here.

And you, have you used ZAO to put your face or face in movies or video clips? Leave a comment.

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