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Each portal or website is defined according to its characteristics, design and especially by the content that composes them. Now, going more specifically to the web content, there are different types of content, some of which are temporary, but others are long lasting. These are known as evergreen content.

Yes, I'm sure you're wondering, what are evergreen content? How to create evergreen content?

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What is evergreen Content?

Is that content that can last for months and years and yet it does not expire. The transliteration of the expression “evergreen content” is “always green content”, which refers to information that does not die, but rather still useful, Of vital interest.

For being a long-term content, the information provided it is of great value. It is not expected that this type of information is of current trend. It is of utmost importance to place publication date, since this data is irrelevant because it is a timeless content, but it is true that in SERPs, placing a current date can improve the CTR.

Its application in the portal is very positive, due to the achievement of an interesting increase in visitor traffic, as more evergreen content hangs up.

Although reaching a good volume of traffic takes time, when the goal is achieved, we enjoy a flow of constant traffic For an indeterminate time.

How to create evergreen content?

To create evergreen content for our website, the information to be submitted must be much relevance and interest for a long time.

In case you are not sure of the value of the information to be used, it is advisable to abandon the intention, and instead consider a new topic.

What is desired is that our base text paste with force, to ensure the success of our evergreen content. These contents can be extended over time without problem, which will also give fresh content to Google.

Let's look at the following tips for developing appropriate content to be considered evergreen.

Be the first

Try to make your source be
, no plagiarism or text makeup, only then do you generate
trust and acceptance among visitors. The content must be well documented,
clean and easy to understand, leaning on visual material that truly contribute to the exposed subject.

Answer the questions

Most Google users who browse the web are looking for answers to anything. Offer what you are looking for… “ANSWERS" Raise the topic developed in the form of questions and be clear and direct answering the questions, then go on to break down secondary points.

Use a well structured theme

It is true that in our content we want to detail everything very well, but the extensive descriptions will make the reading become heavy on many occasions.

With a good structure, you can use well thought out titles, to define the information in a more enjoyable way, taking care not to jump, to do not miss the plot of the text

Evergreen content. How to boost your content in the rankings thanks to recycling

What is evergreen Content?

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