▷ Wall coat racks. Ideas to make DIY coat racks.


Decorate the house with wall racks It can become an art, in addition to giving an original and fun touch, they are very practical and functional for any room in the house. They take up very little space, so they are ideal for small receivers, for example.

Wall racks

You can find in the market a great variety of wall racks to decorate your house, although we also have the option of creating them ourselves, and not just for decorate with little money, but also to give a personalized touch to the entrance of the house, the living room, or wherever we think of placing one.

Advantages of wall racks

Wall racks are a perfect storage solution, especially for little houses. Not only are they practical at the entrance of the house, but they can be easily placed in any room. In this way you will always have your clothes at hand to wear (jackets, scarves, scarves, bags, etc.). In addition, a coat rack can be the ideal solution for bedrooms without closets.

Wall racks in bedrooms and living rooms

a way to save space is to place a coat rack on the back of the door.

Wall coat rack to organize the bedroom

Hall with mirror, coat rack and bench

In addition to being a functional element, a wall hanger serves a decorative function, as it adds content to an empty wall.

When choosing the height to place it you must take into account who will use it. The usual height for hanging wall racks is approximately 1.80 cm. For children you will have to place it at a height that they can easily access, but high enough so that jackets or coats do not touch the ground.

Hall Decoration

Small wall coat rack

DIY wall racks

As we mentioned before, it is also possible make your own wall rack. And this of making our own furniture does not have to relate only to save money, since you must bear in mind that DIY furniture They are a trend, because they bring personality and a special touch to the rooms. Here are some examples of DIY wall racks:

We loved this original wall hanger made with an old recycled bed base. Ideal for any bedroom. It's just a matter of finding a way to fix it to the wall.

DIY wall racks

Another excellent option is make our own clothes rack with a metal tube and rope. These are easy to get items. In many occasions, especially when we are in works, there are leftover materials and we may have what we need in this pile of elements to make a nice clothes rack.

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