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Hide the cables It is not always simple. It is evident that, if we are reforming our house, we can make races so that the cables are inside and can not be seen. However, it is not always about electrical installations. Every time we have more and more electrical appliances and appliances at home and we do not know what to do with so much cable. That is why we thought it was opportune to share these tricks to hide the cables at home.

Tricks to hide cables

From the chargers of a mobile phone to the cables of those lamps that are visible, perhaps even the cables of a television hanging or the same router. What to do with so much cable? Do not worry, here are some ideas that we hope will be useful to you.

Tricks to hide cables in baskets

One of the simplest solutions is to use baskets. We can place the wicker baskets near those areas where all the connected electronic devices are, such as computers, TV or mobile and tablet chargers. The baskets are very aesthetic, and they are usually cheap. It is a simple and interesting solution for decorate the living room with little money.

Tricks to hide cables in baskets

Wicker baskets to hide cables

Use boxes to hide the loaders

The idea of boxes to hide chargers it seems very interesting. We can use it to create a loading site for all our devices that use similar connectors, such as mobile phones, cameras or tablets. For this, we just need a nice wooden box, for example, although it can also be made of hard cardboard, and a extension strip with several plugs, also known as electric shoe.

Boxes to hide the loaders

With the power strip or sneaker we can introduce current inside the box, with several plugs, without needing to be seen outside. Once placed inside, you can connect all your chargers and make holes so that the cables come out, in a cleaner way and without seeing the rest of the plug.

The good thing about this idea is that we can customize the boxes as we like. We can paint them, leave them in wood color or create own designs.

Box to hide chargers

Hidden cell phone chargers

Hide hanging television cables

If you have recently renovated the house and want to hang up your television, you have probably had the convenient race to install the plugs above. However, if this is not the case, you may have to take the race on the outside, using a gutter and paint it the same color as the wall. Yes, it looks, but there are alternatives.

Hide hanging television cables

Tricks to hide TV cables

An alternative is to create a kind of wall envelope with wood or other material. With this extra surface, we will cover the back part, being able to place all the cables stuck to it and without seeing any plug or any hanging cable.

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