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If you want a better mixture, you should know how to use the compressors. Not all compressors do the same. They have their own personalities … In fact, you should have several compressors and know what each one offers to your mix.

Compressors give you more volume without causing noise. Smooth the peaks and give more scope for example.

Next, we present 7 free VST compressor plugins. They serve both Mac and PC and you can install them on any DAW.

Add them to your toolbox and compress your path to success.

1. OTT

OTT is a multi-band up / down compressor manufactured by Xfer Records.

It is an aggressive compression style very popular in dubstep and electro productions.

Adjust the regulators to adjust the depth, time, input gain and output gain. Play with high, medium and low levels. Adjust the compression rates up and down to your liking.

Download it here.

2. SO

The Acustica TAN compressor was modeled from the classic analog VCA compressors.

It is a versatile compressor that offers a wide range of settings.

The TAN compressor has a unique ShMod control. It allows you to adjust the shape of the attack.

Download it here.

3. SAFE Compressor

The SAFE compressor is part of a unique project. Semantica Audio has a mission: "to have audio effects complements controlled using terms that normal human beings can understand"

Simply type a term in the SAFE text box (warm, bright, etc.) and the plugin will look for a configuration that matches it.

Add your own words for a particular setting that you like.

Download it here.

4. MCompressor

MCompressor It is a smart compressor full of functions.

Fully customize the shape of your graphic. Use the smart randomization function to instantly generate new settings. Use the side chain to better mix your bass. It even maps your MCompressor into a MIDI controller.

The MCompressor can handle mono, stereo and even 8-channel surround processing, excellent if you're mixing for video or movies.

Download it here.

5. DCAM Free Comp

The DCAM Free Comp FXpansion is based on classic console bus compressors.

What makes this the best? Combine the subgroups in your mix. By grouping them, it gives more punch and definition, while also tames their peaks.

Change the settings for a more extreme creative effect.

Download it here.

6. FR COMP 87

Instead of offering you a limited demo version of your series ANALOG87, eaReckon created a fully functional FR COMP 87.

What makes this plugin better? Simplicity.

The FR COMP 87 has two buttons: threshold Y makeup. Choose between three speeds: fast, medium and slow. Or turn on the limit switch if you need it. Sometimes simple is simply better.

Download it here.

7. Rough Rider

The Rough Rider Audio Damage is a modern compressor with a vintage flavor.

Rough Rider is the best to add high impact to rhythmic tracks. It is not designed to be transparent, but offers a great high impact hit. Adjust it to get some crunch and extra warmth.

Adjust the Ratio, Attack, Release, and Sensitivity and Makeup controls to find the perfect sound.

Download it here.


Expand your horizons over compressors and build an incredible virtual effects rack.

It is important to test many compressors and find the perfect ones for every mixing situation.

So download this list, try them and keep your favorites close to you.

Make the art of compression a part of every session in your DAW.

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