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The lack of space and the absence of closets can create serious problems. It is not always possible to have a wardrobe in the bedroom. In such a case we must sharpen the wit, because the most important thing in this room is to have everything in order. Today we will share a series of solutions for rooms without lockers.

Rooms without lockers

Take advantage of space in the bedroom and creating extra storage areas is essential. The order and organization they will be necessary to achieve a functional, comfortable and comfortable environment. If you have a bedroom without a wardrobe, this article will interest you …

Solutions for rooms without lockers: clothes donkeys or coat racks

An interesting one alternative to lockers are the donkeys for clothes. Currently it is trend in the bedrooms leave clothes in sight with hangers, hangers … Having everything in sight is a economic and functional solution. Clothing donkeys or coat hangers are installed quickly and it is a much cheaper option than buying or build a closet.

Are perfect for small spaces. In the market we can get hangers of different sizes, high, designs, with or without wheels. The fan is very wide … In addition, they add a dynamic touch and a scenographic look, since these clothes racks or donkeys they started being used in the theater …

Donkeys of clothes to organize bedrooms

With these coat hangers something similar happens to the open dressing rooms. And it is that if we are ordained, they can become part of the decoration. Besides, having all the clothes in view is an interesting thing to think about what we will wear in a few hours, when we should leave.

Clothes hangers in bedrooms

That is, it is necessary that the clothes are always tidy, so as not to create a chaotic atmosphere in the bedroom. If you do not think you can do it, rather discard the idea. One recommendation we can make is to internalize you a bit about the method of organization of Marie KondoOnce you practice and learn, maintaining order is very easy. Of course if you need help to get started, nowadays it is possible hire professional organizers (You only have to complete the form and you will receive budgets of organizers in your area).

Donkeys of clothing to decorate bedrooms

Tips for creating storage areas in bedrooms without lockers

The space of storage in bedrooms It's very important. If we do not have built-in or built-in wardrobes we have the option of buying a wardrobe or making a custom-made one, but many times this option is beyond our budget, or we simply live in a rental house and we are not allowed to make any reform. If your case is one of those mentioned, these ideas can come well.

Dressing rooms in the headboard

One of the classic solutions for rooms without cupboards is to create a dressing room in the headboard. To do so, it is only a question of removing the bed from the wall a bit, getting clothes hangers or donkeys and, if we want to visually separate this space from the rest of the bedroom, we can use curtains or a screen.

Dressing room behind the bed

DIY coat racks

For lovers of recycling, a ancient stair It can be the perfect element to hang clothes on. We can use the ladder as it comes, standing on the floor or leaning against a wall, or, and this for the little hands, we can fix it to the wall as we see in the following image:

DIY coat rack with an old ladder

You may also be interested in these ideas with decorative stairs.

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