▷ Pools next to the house. Images of swimming pools in modern houses.


While it is true that formerly the pools were located in a space farther from the house, today things change. Regardless of how large the terrain is, the pools by the house They like them, and a lot. And they offer greater accessibility and also provides a very interesting aesthetic plus.

Pools next to the house

The pools next to the house go up the garden. An incredibly practical way to bring dynamisms, aesthetics and functionality to a house. Here are some examples with different types of pools, all close to the house.

Dining rooms by the pool

One of the advantages of build pools next to the house It is the fact of having a dining room next to her. Outdoor dining rooms are very popular, especially when there is a pool next to them. Lunches and dinners will be more fresh and fun. In addition, if we have small children, apart from having to implement some safety measures, we will be much closer to them when they are playing in the water.

Houses with pool

Dining by the pool

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Pools next to the house: easier access

Without a doubt, of the Advantages of pools next to the house we stay with the accessibility. And having it just after leaving the terrace, at the same level, we will be extending the domains of our living place. Moreover, we could place it with access from the lounge, but also with access from the bedrooms. Is there anything better than getting up and seeing the water? Imagine being able to take a dip to clear yourself immediately upon waking.

Pools next to the house

Swimming pools with sight

Pools with incredible views

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Swimming pools bordering the house

There is swimming pools that adapt and merge with the building. We can see impressive examples in which the house is completely surrounded by a raft of water. A pit, without crocodiles, which besides being really aesthetic, will be accessible from anywhere in the house. In addition, if the plot is small, a pool that borders all or part of the house, it may be the best option to gain meters and make our water raft longer.

Pools that line the house

Swimming pools around the caa

Bedroom with access to the pool

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