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When you are a child, one of the most fun and exciting things you can do is prepare a sleepover. Surely you will remember, like me. It was something incredible. We set up our makeshift tents with tables, chairs and sheets. But it is that today, they make it even easier, with the Tipis for pajamas. Whether you need a tipis rental for pajama parties in Madrid O well Buy tipis. We no longer have an excuse not to make our children's sleepover an unforgettable party. And I assure you that you will get it with pajamas with tipis.


The hard part is making a plan and having all the details checked. More when it comes to party That involves children. But, once friends arrive, as long as you have some fun ideas up your sleeve, you'll be on your way to a fun and unforgettable night. And is that the simple fact of making pajamas with tipis, they already make it spectacular. Here are some simple tips on how to have the sleepover of the century!


Pajamas are usually organized for our children's birthday or simply because they want to get their friends together. However, if you want to be creative and have extravagant accessories or costumes in the mix, then you can consider having a more elaborate theme for the pajama party. Most parties are inspired by current affairs. And the pajamas with tipis too. There are some fun topics to consider:

  • 80’s (a personal favorite! You can't go wrong with hair and clothes, or music!)
  • Glitter and Glam – and everything that shines
  • Western / Desert – everyone can dress like cowboys and cowboys
  • Hawaiian – ideal for those summer parties! Especially if you have a swimming pool.
  • Movie Night: set up TV for everyone to relax and watch a movie
  • Spa day: comb, nails and makeup for guests (or hire someone).


Talk about the maximum number of guests that will allow you to invite your sleepover. It all depends on your budget and space. Invite the children that your child wants, make the party more fun and get along with each other. And if you have a shy little friend who doesn't know anyone else, this is a good opportunity to include him in the group. Anyone will be encouraged by pajamas with tipis.


Although it is not a birthday party, invitations should not be missing in pajamas with tipis.

There are many ways to send the invitations, so choose the one that suits you. You can use a Facebook invitation, email, paper invitation, text message or phone call. Also, try to find invitations that fit the theme of the sleepover, so that people have a general idea of ​​what the party is about. Remember to include any special information, such as what guests should bring.

  • You should tell your guests what time they should arrive and what time they should leave. If you have something to do you will want them to leave the house at a certain time, you must mention it in the invitation.
  • Don't be discouraged if some of the guests can't do it. Some parents do not let their children sleep in the homes of other children.


Sit down and make a list of everything you'll need to make the sleepover a success. Don't forget lunch, dinner, snacks, movies, soda, decorations or anything else your child wants. Be sure to check with your guests if they have food allergies or not or if they are vegetarians.

  • In general, get a little more than you expect, so you don't run out of food or treats for guests.
  • If you plan to have guests stay for breakfast, you should also make sure you have some food for breakfast, such as a mixture of pancackes and fruit, ready and waiting.
  • If you plan to make a game that you don't have, then make sure you buy it or ask a friend to bring you one.
  • If you want to watch a movie, have it prepared in advance.


As I mentioned before, some of the guests may be allergic to something. With so many allergies that people have, it is better to find out if any of the guests are allergic to any material, pets, food, etc. That way, you can serve the right foods and make sure the animals are not close to the Tipis.



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