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Do you know the app for Xiaomi bracelets called Notify and Fitness? Mi Fit, the default app for Xiaomi Mi Band bracelets, is generally quite effective and intuitive. But there are times when we can be a little limited. To solve this problem we have Notify and Fitness, the app for Xiaomi Mi Band 4, 3, 2, 1 compatible bracelets, which is the most interesting.

With a free and paid version, what this app does for Xiaomi bracelets, is to offer us some additional function when using our activity bracelet. Thus, if with the original app it is not possible to pass the heart rate data to Google Fit, thanks to this application you can do it easily.

Notify and Fitness, take advantage of your Xiaomi Mi Band

Download Notify and Fitness

Although it is not an official application, it is possible to find it in the Google Play Store through a simple search. If you want to start using it, all you have to do is access the link below and proceed with the installation in the usual way:

Notify & Fitness for Mi Band
Notify & Fitness for Mi Band

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Additional features of the app for Xiaomi Mi Band 4, 3, 2, 1 wristbands

One of the most interesting options offered by this application is to allow us to change the tone with which the notifications of the different apps appear. In this way, identifying when we have a call or a WhatsApp will be even simpler, something that we will greatly appreciate.

Its is also quite practical widget for the phone In it we can see from our home screen, some important data such as the number of steps we have taken or the percentage of battery that is left to the bracelet. And it also has an advanced option that is to issue alerts at certain times, for example, when our heart rate has risen more than we would like.

And while the official app the data that gives us about steps or calorie consumption refer to the full day, with Notify and Fitness we can calculate the specific physical performance we have done during a given activity, such as a walk or a race. In this way we can have greater control over the effectiveness of our workouts. If we wish, we can also export the data in the form of an Excel sheet.

Compatible with any Xiaomi Mi Band

The application is compatible with all models of the Xiaomi Mi Band. Even the Mi Band 4 has been added recently. Of course, if you have this latest model you will also have to have the official application installed. But to get more out of our bracelet this is an option worth trying.

Do you have a Xiaomi Mi Band? Do you like the official application or do you think it may be interesting to add additional functions such as Notify and Fitness? Have you tried this application and want to tell us your opinion about it? We invite you to go through the comments section that you can find at the bottom of this article and share with us your impressions, about the functions that you can add to your activity bracelet.

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