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The new Ikea 2020 catalog It comes full of inspiration and surprises to decorate the home. It will not reach the homes of more than 70 countries until the end of August or the beginning of September. Would you like to know, in advance, the most interesting news offered by the Swedish multinational? Here we show you.

Ikea 2020 catalog

As happens every year, such as with the Ikea catalog 2019, the Nordic firm has set out to surprise us with the new Ikea 2020 catalog and he will get it. Aware that each house is a world has decorated rooms for: families, students, singles; Whatever your situation you will find furniture and accessories for you.

Ikea 2020 catalog: sleep revolution

The main theme that the Ikea 2020 catalog has focused on is “sleep revolution”And the bedroom is the great protagonist. In the first pages it shows us the influence that sleep has for the well-being of people.

Sleep revolution, Ikea 2020

In recent years, sleep hours have been reduced in people, and that in the long run can be detrimental to health. The recommended 8 hours are necessary to have a good rest. For this, the following points are important:

  • illumination: create atmosphere through luminaires.
  • Sound: accessories that help cushion noises such as carpets and curtains.
  • Comfort and comfort: suitable mattresses and pillows that provide us with a restful sleep.
  • Regulate the temperature with its Nordic exclusives
  • Air quality: plants help us purify it.
  • Accessories that facilitate our life at the time of rest, such as this table in steel and rattan Lubban.

Steel and rattan table Lubban de Ikea

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The bedrooms in the new Ikea catalog

The Swedish firm has advanced some news and many of them are aimed at the bedroom and the importance of a good rest. Highlights neutral tones and gray color range. In the following image we can see the ceiling luminaire Knixhul, bed frame Slattum and pillows Kingsblomma.

Ikea Knixhul ceiling light fixture

The ikea cushions They are a classic, as well as puffs. They are basic complements to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. A trend is the plant fiber furniture.

Vegetable fiber furniture

The open structures Dressing type are fashionable in the Ikea bedrooms. Like for example this bed with a open closet included.

Ikea bed with open wardrobe headboard

Ikea bed with open wardrobe headboard

Multifunctional beds With an extra storage area to store everything you need. This is the bed Malm with drawers in white.

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