▷ Natural pools. Advantages of ecological pools.


The natural pools They do not use chemicals like chlorine to purify water, but they do it through natural means. To immerse oneself in them is how to do it in a lake or river with clean and crystalline waters. Discover what are the benefits of natural pools!

Natural pools

The ecological pools or biopiscinas they use plants to purify the water. It is usually about construction pools but they integrate perfectly into the landscape creating beautiful orchards. Are respectful with the environment and, in addition, they are beneficial for health.

Natural pools: sustainable and healthy

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The plants they are the alternative to chlorine. These purify and purify the water of natural pools. And not only the flora but other elements that are used in this type of pool to recreate a natural environment, such as stones, sand and gravel.

Sustainable swimming pools

The function of the plants is absorb nutrients from the water through its roots, in addition to oxygenate it. They are responsible for purifying the water of microorganisms that can be harmful. The important thing is that this process, being natural, protects and respects the environment.

In this way water is kept clean and natural throughout the year. This is a great advantage over traditional pools They need continuous maintenance, even in winter months where they are not used.

Pools with plants

Construction of natural pools

With these sustainable pools we not only save on products to treat the water but we will also avoid having to empty the pool after the summer months. You will have it available for immerse yourself in it whenever you want. By not having to empty it you will avoid spending thousands of liters every season and this is a saving on the water bill.

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Swimming pools with two zones

As we said before, in ecological pools the water treaty is carried out through natural elements. For install a natural pool it is necessary to build a bathing area and another where water is purified. In the latter are plants, volcanic stone, sand and gravel. Generally the water recirculates by both zone through a hydraulic bomb.

Ecological pools with plants

Construction of natural pools

Integration of natural pools in the garden

Depending on the type of water, we can choose between 15 varieties of aquatic plants. It is essential to make a water analysis before choosing the plants.

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