▷ Mauve color in the decoration. Ideas to decorate your house in mauve tones.


Do you want to bring freshness and elegance to your home? Bet on him mauve color! Choosing the right tone not only brings a certain aesthetic to the space, but also transmits stimuli. We don't say it, because we already talk before there is color psychology, responsible for studying the effect that they produce on people.

Mauve color

The use of color in decoration is a fantastic resource to give the rooms a unique personality. Different tones create sensations and awaken the senses. The mauve color is used to define the violet or magenta range in light tones. Because of its hue and luminosity, mauve tones can be considered intermediate colors between lavender and pink, similar to lilacs. (You can see more about this color here!)

A glamorous and exclusive color

This mallow is associated with spirituality, creativity and in a way also to the feminine. In ancient times the pigment for its elaboration was excessively expensive, so only the wealthiest people could get it. So it was associated with the upper classes. Currently this color is still related to power and luxury. The violet color range creates environments full of peace and glamor.

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Malva, a glamorous and exclusive color

Mauve wall

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Characteristics of the mauve color

It is a perfect shade if you want your house to breathe calm and tranquility. It transmits joy, optimism and positive energy. The mauve decoration It is a trend and is related to distinction and elegance.

Malva for the lounge

It is a color that attracts a lot because brings freshness to the environments. In its dark versions it adds glamor and luxury, and in the lighter tones they manage to lighten the space. It is ideal for decorate bedrooms although you can also use them in other rooms such as the living room, kitchen or bathroom.

Bedside wall in mauve

It combines perfectly with many colors, from white to more neutral ones such as light gray or beige. With the pink also combines great adding an ideal touch to female bedrooms.

Juvenile bedroom in mauve and white

A cold and serene color

The mauve color is a cold hue that helps create serene atmospheres if you bet on its lighter shades. Instead if you want a serene and sophisticated environment opt for the most powerful and dark versions, as we mentioned before.

Children's bedrooms in mauve tones

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