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The Sailor style No old fashioned. Many of us are still attracted to those blues, those lines, corals, natural fibers, white and wood. In the market there are plenty of proposals, but to illustrate today's post we will focus on the “Bord de Mer” collection of Maisons du Monde, which we loved.

Sailor style

In its catalog we can see that the great classics are still standing. The ropes, conches, washed wood, indigo blue and pure white, among others, are still valid. But in addition, this year they wanted to include a special touch based on more natural fibers, and even some flirting with rustic, vintage and industrial decoration.

100% fresh environments

When we think of the marine style decorationinevitably the blue comes to mind. However, in Maisons du Monde remind us that the Mediterranean It is also very close to this style. Thus, its interiors are debated between natural colors, and a lot of wood, especially in its lighter shades. Another material we see in marine style decoration is wicker, present in lamps and seats. The truth is that the presence of natural fibers It looks on many objects.

Exterior decoration with textiles and natural fibers

Carpets and textiles to decorate the home

Natural fiber carpets

If you're wondering, and the sailor touch where is it? Well, it's already implicit in all those finishes, but if we want more, there's no problem. The firm puts at our disposal all series of decorative elements that can transport us to the most marine environment.

Marine style bedroom

Natural wood in light tones

We can find objects made with conch shells, corals, anchors, oars, wooden fish and other materials, chandeliers that resemble the same lighthouses or ships. It will certainly be more than enough for us to sit in our living room and imagine that we are in a Beach house or in the middle of the sea.

Furniture with marine style

There is nothing that reminds us more of the sea than the saltpeter itself. In Maisons du Monde They know, for this reason they have achieved a line of furniture of the most authentic. Furniture whose wood seems to have been drifting for days. A aged effect and organic that can be seen in white furniture. As for example in a dresser for the living room or perhaps a large showcase.

Furniture with salibre effect

Aged wood furniture

Marine style hall

Eye, that not only achieve that effect with white furniture. They also get it with the blues; And we remember that although we do not want, blue is still the quintessential marine color.

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