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Do you know Inshot, video editor, photos and to add music? Uploading photos to social networks has become something that virtually defines our identity. And for photos or videos to be even more fun, a good option may be to edit them.

There are numerous applications to give a new look to our images. Today we are going to talk about Inshot, a photo and video editor with which you can easily create both fun and elegant creations, to share with your friends.

InShot, give your photos a fun touch

Android App Editor videos, photos and add music

The main functions found in InShot are related to video editing. If you have a video recorded on your smartphone, you can cut it wherever you want, to keep only the part that interests you most.

So that everything is perfect, with the timeline you can synchronize the audio with the image, so that the result is similar to that of professional editors.

Another very interesting option is to create videos with photos and music. You will simply have to choose the photos you want from the ones you have in your gallery. Then choose a song and go sorting the photos to your liking. In a matter of minutes you will have a fun video with which to impress your friends.

When you are creating your videos, you can also add a lot of filters and effects. In this way, you can give them a fun or elegant touch according to your tastes. Once you have finished, you can upload them to YouTube or Instagram to impress your followers.

Inshot photo editor

In addition to editing videos, InShot also offers you the possibility to give a better look to your photos. In this photo editor, you can also find a lot of filters and emoticons so that the images you take look more fun, and are ideal for sharing with your friends.

It also has a function that allows you to create collages. Thus, you can join several photos into one without having to install additional applications.

Another function that has the photo editor is that it has frames and functions to create memes, so that the final result is the most fun. It is similar to the photo editor Befunky.

Download InShot app Android

InShot is an application that is very successful. So much that it already has more than 100 million downloads. It is also a free application. If you want to be the next to try it, you only have to download it in the Play Store using the link below:

Video and Photo Music Editor - InShot
Video and Photo Music Editor - InShot

Have you tried InShot, Android video editor app, photos and add music and want to share your experience? Do you know any other Android photo editor that might be interesting? We invite you to go through the comments section that you can find below.

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