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In the little houses, functional furniture is the best option. We refer to those furniture that fulfill more than one function. For example, when we receive visitors and do not have a guest room The first thing that comes to mind is to use the sofa, but they are not always as comfortable to sleep. That is why it is best to opt for a sofa bed, these do fulfill both functions perfectly. Today we will show you some of the proposals offered by the Swedish firm. Yes, we are talking about Ikea sofa beds.

Ikea sofa beds

Classic couches

The couches can be very versatile, and the Swedish giant has it very clear. For this reason, in the Ikea 2020 catalog we can find pieces like HEMNES, a beautiful daybed with 3 drawers. It is a piece of furniture that can perfectly serve as a sofa in a room or a small living room and that, in addition, will become a Individual bed with storage at the time we need it … What more can you ask for?


It is not the only model, we have also encountered the couch BRIMNES. In this case we have a day sofa and a bed of night (or two) with 2 drawers and 2 mattresses. A true wonder for small spaces. And if we combine it with some Ikea cushions of those that we like so much, much better.

Ikea BRIMNES sofa

Sofa beds to accommodate your guests

You may wonder why we say a bed (or two) … Well, in the following video of eXpressWardrobe You can see it with your own eyes:

An alternative to the classic Ikea sofa beds

If you like the concept of a couch or sofa bed but the nordic decoration It's not your thing, no problem. In addition to finding some of these models in black, for a more urban decoration, you may like the sofa bed FYRESDAL. It is the structure of a couch, but in black painted steel. An extra space to relax or to accommodate our guests but with a lot of style.

FYRESDAL sofa bed

Ikea FYRESDAL daybed

Ikea modern sofa beds

We also find very light models of sofa beds. One of the ones that has interested us the most is the FLOTTEBO, a novelty that comes with force. Available in 4 different colors, it is a sofa bed with side table included.

On this sofa we can watch a movie, talk on the phone, read a book or host a guest. In addition, the cushions can be moved, so it will be as easy to lie down as to sit. If we combine it with some pretty Ikea design chairs, the result can be very interesting.

Ikea modern sofa beds

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