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You want renovate your patio or terrace with little money? Fortunately it is possible to achieve surprising results with a tight budget. This space of the house is one of the most special. It is a blessing to have a corner, however small, that connects us with the environment. That is why today we will share some ideas to decorate patios with little money.

Decorate patios with little money

Plants to decorate patios with little money

Plants are a great ally for decorate exteriors with little money. We have already spoken on other occasions about the benefits of terrace plants. And best of all, it doesn't matter how big your patio or garden is, because we can use the typical vertical gardens, ideal for small spaces. If you want more ideas to decorate patios with little money, we invite you to read this article where we show you how to make a vertical garden with pallets.

Vertical gardens for patios

Vertical gardens made with pallets

Another option is create your own garden at home, in order to grow delicious organic fruits and vegetables. And once again, if you do not have enough space you can use those cultivation tables or also vertical planters.

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If you like them flowering plants you can create one beautiful planter with wooden logs. If you find a trunk in the street, what better way to give it a second chance and use it as a pot to decorate a patio or garden. The most difficult, in addition to moving it, will be to make a hole in the center to be able to put dirt and flowers. But the effort will be worth it.

Planters with recycled logs

Stones to decorate gardens with little money

The stones are very simple to obtain and you will not need a large budget to decorate and create paths in the courtyard. You will only need a little imagination and creativity to get beautiful exterior decorations. In this article you can see interesting ideas to decorate stone gardens.

Stone garden decoration

There are many ways to create garden paths, but the small paths with stones are beautiful. In addition, the stones are perfect to differentiate different areas of the garden or patio, especially if we get them in different colors and shapes.

Garden paths with stones

Garden paths made with stones

Outdoor furniture with pallets

Using recycled wood is one of the most effective and economical resource to decorate the courtyards with little money. While different types of wood can be used, one of the classics is the outdoor furniture with pallets.

Outdoor furniture with pallets

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