▷ How to Plan the Baby Shower of Your Dreams


There are a few things to consider when planning a baby shower. It's like a special meeting to celebrate life with the future mom and with her closest friends and family.

Most of them are carried out at some point during the end of pregnancy, which is certainly a hectic time. You can simplify the planning process by creating a checklist for the baby shower and organizing yourself before this special day.


Few celebrations are more exciting than a baby shower and whoever is in charge of organizing the baby shower will want to consider every detail. As a hostess, you'll want to make sure that the celebration stays true to your taste and personal style. Consider your favorite colors, as well as decorating style and games.

The planning of a successful baby shower begins with the organization from the beginning with enough time to make everything come alive. You will want to grab an agenda and start making your checklist to keep up with your plans.


From the sending of invitations, the purchase of the decoration to the order of the cake, my guide and checklist step by step will help guide you through the planning process of the baby shower with ease. Here is a lot more information.

Nine to ten weeks before:

  • Determine who will be the host.
  • Select a date and time.
  • Determine a budget.
  • Select a place
  • End the guest list.
  • Confirm the sex of the baby.
  • Choose a theme for the baby shower. In Pinterest There are countless ideas.
  • Order the invitations and the matching thank-you cards.

Six weeks before:

  • Prepare the invitations to send by mail. Whether you are organizing a small baby shower or inviting 50 people to participate, sending an invitation is a must.
  • Send your invitations by mail . You must send your invitations anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks before the big day. You will want to give your guest enough time to confirm their attendance and also enough time to add any guest you have forgotten.
  • Start planning decorations and order items that will take a while to arrive.
  • Start the menu planning or select a catering service.
  • Decide if you want each guest to give away what he likes or if you prefer to give your baby something you need: clothes, blankets, diapers, wipes, etc.

Four weeks before:

  • Order the cake or the cupcakes for the baby shower.
  • Organize baby shower games, with prizes included.
  • Reserve rental supplies for the party if necessary.
  • Assign someone to be the official photographer of the day.
Baby Shower

Two weeks before:

  • Follow up with any guest who has not responded.
  • Organize the games and prizes of the games.
  • Confirm the reservations.
  • Make sure the cake is ordered.
  • Designate someone to pick up the day of the baby shower.
  • Organize a day of agenda and make sure you have additional hands to help you.
  • Clean around the house.

One week before:

  • Buy any food that can be purchased in advance.
  • Designate who will record the gifts at the baby shower.

Two or three days before:

  • Finish buying the menu items.
  • Collect food and supplies (utensils, napkins, cups and plates).
  • Contact your co-hosts to make sure all the details are taken care of.

One day before:

  • Pick up the cake.
  • Organize the space of the party.

The big day:

  • Riding food and drink.
  • Designate a place for gifts.
  • To enjoy.

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