▷ How to decorate small houses. Ideas to decorate small floors.


Do you live in a small house and would you like it to look wider? At present, homes are increasingly smaller, so you have to look ingenious solutions to make the most of space. Today we will talk a little about how to decorate small houses, and we hope these tips come in handy.

How to decorate small houses

Using creativity and imagination, you can take advantage of the few meters available, something that people who live in know very well minicasas. With the right advice you will make your home look bigger and optimize space. Take note!

Open spaces in small houses

The ideal in small houses is avoid subdivision of spaces, Since without visual barriers the feeling of spaciousness and luminosity is greater. Get rid of obstacles such as tall furniture, walls or partitions, which steal meters available. Decide for the sliding doors since they are perfect to gain space visually.

Kitchens open to the living room

Take advantage of the corners! Surely you have a corner that will serve as an extra storage area. In this article you can see 10 interesting solutions to take advantage of the corners.

To make the small houses They look wider, it's important get rid of unnecessary things. Select only the essential pieces and eliminate those that do not need and do not contribute anything.

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Free budgets

Loft houses

Keep the house tidy It helps to give a feeling of well-being and balance. What can be useful for you is to internalize yourself a little in the Marie Kondo organization method, which you have probably heard of on more than one occasion.

The importance of lighting in small houses

Natural light has the power to make spaces appear wider. Without obstacles, natural light will circulate throughout the house, making it appear brighter and therefore visually wider.

Open small kitchen

Power natural light bulbs how are the windows and skylights. Place light curtains and light in light colors that let in the greatest amount of natural light.

Ideas to decorate studio apartments

exist tones that multiply the space. The white color is one of them, followed by neutral, toasted, cream, beige and gray tones. Color is a very useful tools for give depth and perspective. If you are looking How to decorate a small house, it is best to find a way to combine light with color.

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