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dark mode in Google Drive Android

Do you know the Google Drive dark mode on Android? The Google Drive cloud storage service allows you to save our files, with the email account set up on our mobile phone. We can access this without having to have the application and open it looking for the option from our mail on the Internet.

Knowing how popular this system is, since it has a large storage capacity for our photos and documents. It has been one of the latest Google applications to acquire the dark mode.

This dark mode of Google Drive, initially was not available for all Android users. It will serve you to 2 things fundamentally, avoid eyestrain Y save battery of the mobile. We will explain how to configure it easily.

How do you activate the dark mode in Google Drive Android?

When launching this new option, it was necessary that you have the Android Q operating system.

With the update of the app, it is available for a large number of users who do not have the latest version of Android. This dark mode of GoogleDrive helps mobile phones with battery saving and users to make their eyesight less damaged by looking at the screen for hours.

This new feature is a sample of how Google seeks comfort and innovation for the users of its apps. Activating it is very simple, we must have the latest update of Google Drive on mobile

Activate the dark mode in Google Drive:

You just have to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the upper left of the screen in the application, which will display a menu.
  • We go to the option of adjustments and there we will see in the list among the alternatives, the word theme.
  • This will show us the option “Dark" After this, we have to click on it and we will see that it changes to its dark mode immediately.
  • Among the options of its themes we also have a call “Set by Battery Saver" This will allow us to enjoy this new mode, just by activating battery saving on our device.

Google Drive dark mode

Google Drive has the ability to offer users up to 15 GB free for storage. What makes it very popular. The new version of Google Drive with dark mode makes its use a bit more comfortable. Since in addition to the battery saving, the new colors, because they are dark, provide less fatigue when using the application.

This new improvement is an option currently owned by the vast majority of Google applications. It is worth mentioning that, it is a system that continues to surprise us with its improvements in each update.

This is why they have millions of registered users, which support their good performance and operation on Google Play and their ratings.

And you, did you know this dark mode of Google Drive on Android? You use? Leave a comment so that we know that you read us and they serve you this type of articles.

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