▷ Hippie Style Decoration. Keys to decorate the Hippie style.


The hippie decoration is characterized by creating cheerful atmospheres thanks to its textures, colors and fabrics that bring dynamism and warmth. It is one of the decorative styles that mark trend at present. It's perfect for youthful environments, fun and carefree.

Hippie style

One of the Hippie decoration keys focuses mainly on the color of textiles: curtains, carpets, tapestries, blankets, among others. The floral and nature motifs they are very present If you want to give your home a touch of vitality and energy, do not hesitate and bet on this style.

Origin of hippie decoration

It's called hippie? or hippy to pacifist, liberal and contractual movement who was born in the United States in 60s. It had as its base the city of San Francisco. The movement inherited the values ​​of the generation "beat"And of German naturism. They constituted a youth movement and one subculture that has remained to this day: the no violence e equality and concern for the environment they are its main values. They were the promoters of Earth Day and ecological movement.

The hippie chic aesthetic

As we can see, the hippie style It is fun and colorful, it is characterized by symbols that evoke peace, also betting on natural materials and recycling. In the hippie decoration imagination and creativity have no limits. Here we tell you what are some of its features:

Hippie chic lounge

Plants in a hippie style room

  • The textiles They are the main elements of this decorative style. The more textures and colors combine, the more hippie the environment will shine. Provided you get a balanced and harmonious decoration.
  • The natural wood furniture It's typical of the hippie aesthetic.
  • Being a movement closely linked to nature, plants are a very important element of hippie decoration.

Hippie decoration for the living room

  • The prints are mostly floral and ethnic.
  • Neutral colors (gray, white) are used to counteract with the most vibrant colors such as fuchsia, pistachio green, oranges, violets and yellow.
  • The natural materials They are widely used in this decorative style. In addition to the wood we can find esparto carpets, wicker lamps and other furniture or accessories made of natural fibers.

Cushions of many colors and plants

Hippie corner in the living room

How to decorate the house with neo hippie style

When we talk about neo hippie we are referring to the essence of hippie style decoration but more adapted to the times. What we must be clear is that this is a style of decoration with a rebellious spirit, in which rules and conventions are not followed. They combine colors and textures that perhaps other aesthetics would never imagine, as well as elements and objects from different eras and cultures.

Wall decoration with paintings and tapestries

In the neo hippie style many styles converge but, above all, creative freedom prevails. Here it is totally allowed to combine elements of the ethno chic style, for example, with rustic furniture or details rather of the natural decoration or, why not, with modern furniture.

Natural fibers and colorful textiles

The recycling It is one of the bases of this style. It is also characterized by a special appreciation for furniture and antique objects. This aesthetic invites restore old furniture. So if you have the possibility of making old pieces, even if they are not in good condition, you can renew them with a little paint or whatever they need.

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