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Do you know English wordbit, app to practice languages ​​every time you unlock your Android? Currently, at all levels, having mastery of several languages ​​implies an increase in job opportunities and a great curricular appeal. Speaking a language other than the native language, with total fluency may not be simple, nor learn in a few days, but it is not an impossible task either.

Today there are many applications such as Memrise, app to learn languages ​​for free, as well as to practice them, in case you are already in a course. They are excellent tools that you can take advantage of. If you do not have the time or money to attend private lessons, since they are usually somewhat expensive over time, this type of app to practice languages ​​is more than ideal. You no longer have excuses to start learning any language that interests you!

English Wordbit, app to practice languages ​​every time you unlock your Android

Today we will take the time to tell you about an ingenious and peculiar Android application, which will provide you with knowledge from your Android device. How many times a day do you unlock your mobile? Surely more than 20 times a day. Imagine practicing languages ​​like English, every time you unlock your phone, in just one week you would learn 140 words. Is this possible? Yes, all thanks to Wordbit English, a great application that is in the Google store.

app to practice languages

Learn languages ​​daily, words in English

Wordbit English is an application in which every time you unlock your mobile, it will teach you a word in English. This way you would be learning another language, without even noticing it, because you would surely learn more 10 words in just one day. Remember that having a knowledge of the vocabulary of a foreign language is the key to mastering it.

This app contains a catalog of words from the most basic level, to the most advanced level. Wordbit allows you to learn in a fun way, using memory cards, slides and some tests. It includes more than 15 thousand phrases and expressions, for all types of occasions. It also has audios, so you have a correct pronunciation of the vocabulary. You will find this language app on Google Play or on the official link below:

English WordBit (screen locked)
English WordBit (screen locked)

An application that will undoubtedly be part of your learning routine. In addition, it presents review sections, so you don't forget what you have already learned. It has 12 different colored themes and you can share phrases with images to your friends. By now you will be interested in downloading it.

They support this app to practice languages, more than 27,000 ratings on Google Play. Obtaining 4.5 stars out of 5 possible. It has been downloaded more than 5 million times. Do you use any application to learn languages? Did you know English WordBit? Leave a comment below, with your opinion on applications to learn English and other languages.

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