▷ Eldiario is, of the most read digital newspapers in Spain 📜 has Android app


Eldiario is, 1 of the most read digital newspapers in Spain, has Android app

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The newspaper is

At this point, you may already know the Android app of Eldiario. is. The rise of digital newspapers in recent years has been enormous. To the point that some of the most important headers of our country do not even have a paper version.

It is the case of the Eldiario is. It is one of the most influential media of recent years, and also with a greater number of readers. And besides being able to find it on the web, it also has its own Android application. It gets like this, at the height of the elpais newspaper, which also has an Android app.

If you want to know a little better what you can find in the app eldiario.es, we invite you to keep reading.

Eldiario, digital newspaper of the most read, has Android app

Cover of Eldiario es, digital newspaper

The first thing you'll find in the app The newspaper it is a cover elaborated by the journalists of the medium. In it you can find the most outstanding news of the different sections.

In this way, you can have a global idea of ​​what is happening in the world, before you start to read in depth.

Eldiario.es digital newspaper

Follow authors and topics in the Android app of eldiario es

There is also the possibility that you want to simply follow some authors or the news of some topic. And this application allows you to do it. Once you have selected the topics that interest you, you can have a personalized cover in which only the topics of your interest appear.

If you wish, in addition to authors and topics, you can select bulbs. The lights are the editorial priorities of Eldiario.es. In total, there are 23 issues with which the well-known newspaper intends to become the center of debate.

Here you can find, for example, the exclusives of the newspaper.

Eldiario.es app android

The Guardian translated articles

The Guardian is one of the most popular media internationally. And Eldiario has reached an agreement with them to be able to offer their contents. In this way, from this application you can access some of their best articles translated into Spanish.

Another of the most interesting sections of this newspaper is Desalination, a space aimed at the defense of human rights. And you can also enjoy, through the Android app, the opinion columns of the journalists in the media and the cartoons of the cartoonists who collaborate with it.

Download the Android app from Eldiario.es

The Eldiario.es app is completely free. The only thing you need is to have a mobile with Android 4.1 or higher, something that unless you have a very old device should not be too complicated.

If you want to start reading your news, you can download it at the following link:


Are you a reader of Eldiario? What is the most striking about this digital newspaper? Have you ever used your Android application? In the comments section that you can find a little below, you can leave us your opinion about this digital newspaper and its app.

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