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Below you will learn about the ABO Annual Conference, a great meeting of the classical music industry in the United Kingdom.

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What is ABO Annual Conference

Annual conference on the classical music industry, with more than 350 professionals, both from the UK and abroad, agencies, theaters, editors, among others.


It is organized by the Association of British Orchestras (ABO), a national body that represents the collective interests of professional orchestras, youth ensembles and the classical music industry in general throughout the United Kingdom.


When is ABO Annual Conference

The conference will be held from January 29 to 31, 2020.

The central theme of the next conference is: 'Vision 2020', with possible projections in ten years' time on the future of the orchestra and the classical music industry in 2030.

ABO / Rhinegold Awards

An interesting activity that is part of the event, is the presentation of the ABO / Rhinegold awards, held during the formal dinner of the conference, and where the most outstanding personalities in the world of orchestras are recognized, who have done a job exceptional during the year.

The prizes given are:

  • Artist Manager of the Year
  • Concert manager of the year
  • Orchestras manager of the year


Where is ABO Annual Conference

This next edition of the event will take place in Manchester, United Kingdom, in the trial studio called Hallé St Peter's.

In the following map you can see the exact address:

Contact of ABO Annual Conference

Email: info@abo.org.uk



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