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Next you will know about Women in Music, an event dedicated to supporting the role of women in the music industry.

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What is Women in Music

It is a conference at the City Hall where the success and challenges faced by women in the music industry will be examined. Women (and men) will have the opportunity to network with key figures in the industry and listen to the most influential women.


Event organization

This event is organized by the Mayor of London in association with the Ingrooves team, which is in charge of partnering with record labels and independent artists to reach and attract audiences from around the world, and AIM, an organization that has dedicated itself to defend and encourage women in music, striving to achieve gender equality and diversity throughout the music business. In addition to the annual AIM Women in Music conference, AIM is a partner and co-founder of the Music Week Women in Music Awards, and signatory of the UK Charter for Equality and Diversity of Music, which encourages music companies to take action simple and practical to improve equality and diversity.

When is Women in Music

It is usually done the last days of January of each year.

Where is Women in Music

This conference is held at the City Hall of London (City Hall), England, at the following address:

Panels and Debates

Some of the topics that are usually discussed during the discussion panels are: the new generation of women in music, where the careers of rising stars in the industry and their paths to success are analyzed, women in the industry of live music, which considers the challenges of women working in this industry, the lack of female artists in festivals and the safety of music fans in live music venues and festivals.


Other topics are also discussed, such as the role of women in recording studios, including a selection of producers, engineers, mixers and composers who will talk about the rarity of women in study roles and how they have developed their careers in a sector notoriously dominated by men.


Another interesting topic discussed in previous conferences is female entrepreneurship in music, where a group of female music business founders discuss how and why they created their own company and how they achieved success.


Contact of Women in Music

Email: mayor@london.gov.uk



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