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Next you will know about MEGAPHONO, an event that aims to bring the Ottawa music scene back to life, to make it possible for artists and industry workers not to have to travel to Montreal or Toronto to opt for a successful music career.

Go for it!

What is Megaphono?

Event for professionals in the music industry, both from the US, Canada or the rest of the world. It consists of a festival for promoters, labels, publishers, license supervisors, managers, publicists and other industry members who will discuss the music scene of the territory. Participants will interact and learn about the different facets of the music industry and gain knowledge.


When is Megaphono?

It takes place the first days of February of each year. The dates for Megaphono 2020 have not yet been published.

Interesting facts about Megaphono

  • It has the participation of 70 local and regional artists who perform in more than 20 places in Ottawa-Gatineau.
  • 50 guest delegates from the music industry share their knowledge and connect with artists.
  • Daytime talks and conferences are offered to develop skills focused on the music industry and community issues.
  • Animation of the coolest areas of Ottawa-Hull.
  • Free programming for all ages on Saturday afternoons.


Megaphono video

In the following promotional video you can learn more about the event: