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Next you will know about Avant Première – Music and Media Market Berlin, the largest performing arts fair in audiovisual media in the world.
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What is Avant Première – Music and Media Market Berlin

It presents performing arts movies and more: music and dance films, documentaries, portraits, concerts, live recordings – with a majority of classical music, complemented by contemporary or pop music. 500 film productions are presented in the Avant Première projections as an exclusive preview to the main international public and private broadcasters, distribution and production companies to go on television. Providing a comprehensive synopsis of the latest avant-garde productions from around the world, Avant Première projections offer a great advantage of information for all participants.


When is Avant Première – Music and Media Market Berlin

The next edition of this event will be held on February 20, 21 and 22, 2020.

Where is Avant Première – Music and Media Market Berlin

The venue where the fair is held is in the city of Berlin, Germany, specifically at the Hotel Scandic hotel, located in Postdamer Platz. On the following map you will see the exact address:


More than 600 international experts and professionals from the performing arts + media industry from 320 organizations from almost 40 countries around the world meet at Avant Première.

Almost a third of Avant Première participants are content buyers, representing the main broadcast stations (12%) and innovative streaming platforms + VOD (17%). The creators of music + dance films correspond to 13% of the participants from the performing arts institutions, and 18% of the film production companies. 22% of the participants are distributors, record labels, and rights holders, while technology service providers, as well as educational institutions, funding agencies, agencies and journalists take care of the rest.

Video of Avant Première – Music and Media Market Berlin

In the following video you will see a small preview of the next fair, which will take place in February 2020:

(Click on “Watch on Vimeo” to watch the video)

Contact Avant Première – Music and Media Market Berlin

Email: office@imz.at



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