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Current homes are becoming smaller, especially in large urban centers. Decoration magazines often show images of beautiful and huge houses, very far from the reality of most people. In today's article we will share ideas for small homes, and we hope you will be inspired.

Ideas for small homes

For the salon

The living room It is usually the meeting point of the family, that space where we share with family or friends watching a TV series or eating and drinking something. Generally the living room It is the place where we receive our visitors and for that reason it is important that it looks beautiful, no matter how small it may be.

Double height

The double height is a good resource for small spaces. We love this option for those rooms integrated into the dining room. If we want to visually separate both spaces, create a double height with wooden pallets, for example, can be a good solution.

Small rooms in double height

Sofas in "L"

Following with ideas for small rooms, we must not forget an old resource, that of the "L" sofas. If we want to take advantage of every corner of our small room, it is best to bet on this distribution.

Sofas in

Decorate with pictures

We love the decoration with pictures. Although we can place them in any room, the living room is the ideal place to place beautiful paintings. It is not necessary that they are author paintings, in the market we can get a wide variety of decorative paintings, even beautiful posters or posters. The idea is to give the room a little color and personality.

Decoration with pictures

Ideas to decorate rooms

For the bedroom

Following with these ideas for small houses we can not avoid talking about the bedroom. The bedroom decoration It's very important. It is here where we spend the most important hours of our day, those of rest. Next we will show you some ideas for small bedrooms.

Folding canapés beds

The beds folding canapés They are ideal to save space. It is about beds with storage space, something so precious in any small room. The fact that we can store cushions, bedding and other objects under the bed will help us maintain order.

Folding canapés beds

Plants for the bedroom

We love plants, even in the bedroom. If you want to bring a little life to your room, no matter how small, do not hesitate to bet on one or more floors. There are more apt species than others, it's just a matter of internalizing ourselves a bit on the subject.

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Plants for the bedroom

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