▷▷ What should the budget of a cleaning company include?


When requesting budgets from cleaning companies in Madrid For cleaning our offices or our Community of Owners, we must know what are the basic elements that every cleaning company should include in their budget.

The key elements on which we must look are the following:

Detail of jobs and frequencies

The budget should contain a clear detail of what elements will be cleaned and how often.

You must differentiate the elements that are going to be cleaned daily (for example, WC and kitchen) from those that are going to be cleaned with other higher frequencies (for example, complete cleaning of crystals, which is usually sufficient with a monthly frequency).

In case of having requested a price for special works (for example, carpet washing or polishing of floors), it should also be detailed how often they will be carried out.

Means that will be used in the cleaning service

The cleaning budget you must specify the number of people who will be employed, what days per week they will perform the service, and how many hours each day they will dedicate to it.

In the same way, you must specify who will take care of the cleaning products and materials. Normally, the cleaning companies in Madrid put the materials and cleaning products in their charge, without this implying an extra cost for the client.

Amount of the service

The budget must clearly detail how much we will have to pay monthly, and whether this amount includes VAT or not (normally, the amounts offered are without VAT, so you have to add a percentage corresponding to this tax).

Clauses that will govern the cleaning contract

The cleaning company must advance us in the same budget, which are the clauses that will govern the future contract. Among these clauses, it is worth mentioning the payment method, the annual price revisions, etc.

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