▷▷ Crowdlending. A new form of financing that companies use


There comes a time that you need financing, whether you are a company or a freelancer there is a financing method called crowdlending that puts the collaborative economy into operation in the hands of small investors without having to go through the bank and succumb to your high interest on loans or advances of promissory notes. We can call this as obtaining liquid through p2p loans (peer to peer)

In this article we will go deeper into crowdlending, what it is and the benefits it brings to any company or business when it comes to seeking financing. If you are looking for alternatives to the bank in the search for financing for your projects keep reading, let's talk about crowdlendng

What is crowdlending and why is it considered an innovative financing method?

The classic version for the search for financing has been the family, the bank and a madman without fear of losing their money. Well, today and thanks to the proliferation of the internet and new technologies, the financing system has already evolved in several ways, among them is a financing system that unites several investors who allocate small amounts waiting for Receive a financial return.

Therefore, when we talk about crowdlending we are referring to a type of crowdfunding or micromancing focused on collective investment (for investors) to projects or companies that seek financing to carry out their activity or to allocate to other corporate purposes without having to bear the large interest costs or requirements that traditional banking requires.

This type of financing is linked to technological advances, thanks to the fact that more and more investors join platforms that guarantee security, control and comfort. This certainly allows for greater participation and growth. Crowdlending breaks with traditional schemes, making the investment a profitable ecosystem for both parties (the investor obtains good returns and the company does not support the great interests of financial institutions).

Another factor that makes it innovative is its open nature, any investor, regardless of the amount available, can be part of the community and allocate their resources to finance different projects or campaigns, all from your mobile device and desktop . Companies thus see a very attractive showcase when it comes to obtaining financing quickly, profitably and safely.

Crowdlending financing is still a loan requested by a company, the difference is that this loan is distributed to as many investors as is available in a specific period of time by removing that focused or centralized structure of the classic financial entities, so can consider as a type of peer to peer loan, peer financing.

In conclusion

Technology and the proliferation of the internet has brought new sources of financing and use of resources to improve the economy and especially in the business sector. There are many platforms in the market with this type of operations, you can go both as a company or as an investor, access is free.

Crowdlending A new form of financing that companies use

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