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You are tired of hearing that copywriting is a business that gives pasta. Well … Maybe it occurred to you that you are milk like copywriter, and you could offer your services content for web, ads, emailing … but there is something missing …

For many writers that "something" is no longer not knowing where or how to start, but a tool that allows you to enter the copywriting battlefield without a portfolio. How can you come up with that? It's like the doctor who doesn't have a stethoscope or like the Formula 1 driver who doesn't have a car.

✅If you are Copy, you need a Portfolio. It's that simple.

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I've been there too. I was going well. I started with this Copy with a lot of experience but without Portfolio, and it wasn't bad, really, but now I'm doing better.

✅ And who knows? Maybe my experience helps you …

How to create a Copywriter Portfolio from scratch?

You know that I am telling stories of my own, and this time it will not be an exception.

Once I decided that I wanted to work on this copywriting, I started looking for job offers and I started to gain experience with the digital magazine Techpuntocero, that we create Dolores Vela and me. And I also started looking for people who had terrible texts on their websites to try to help them improve them. Works.

In short: I found a mechanic who had some texts that were sad on his page and I offered, he paid me very little, but hey, it also took me less than half an hour to optimize them. The moral of all this is that it is possible to work from copywriter no portfolio, but if you want to get better jobs, you need it.

✅If you are new to the subject, I will give you some tips that will come in handy

1. Search for customers who are desperate or offer free "tests"

Yes, nobody wants to work for free, I first, but wait. If what you are trying to do is create a portfolio and get some experience like copywriter you have to start somewhere, right? Search the worst websites in the world and start there.

Surely you have been surfing the Internet and have seen a website that has made your eyes bleed, those that hurt in the deepest of the heart. It's not about taking advantage of weaknesses, but in this case, it can help you. Teach them that they can have a copy with you that really pees it by rewriting a (very) small part of their website. Now yes, give it your all. Create a brutal headline and even more brutal content.

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Then, contact them and explain how they are losing customers with a copy that is not cool, and give them the solution (which can be to review the texts for free) and then offer them your services. It usually works, and you'll have one more notch in your revolver.

2. Pull your contacts

I say you have someone you know who has a business or something. Talk to them and offer them to update their website or give them a hand with brochures. This is a classic. Surely the idea is cool and you will gain experience and one more reference.

3. Respond to job advertisements with an example of your work

When companies publish job offers, they receive thousands of applications, and best of all, they are all the same. All. But there is a way that yours does not go unnoticed, including an example of why it has to be you. Show what your differential value is compared to others.

Come on, I'll give you an example.

Imagine that you apply for a brand that needs a good copy for Facebook Ads campaigns. Search their website and fanpage to see what their tone is and how they communicate with their users. So, adapting to your voice, believe them a copy who can not resist.

What if you've never written an ad?

No problem. Google is very useful for these cases. Do this search: «better Facebook ads for (whatever sector) and get ideas from the examples. Use them to get inspired and write an example to include in your application.

Let's see, you don't have to be a copywriter with 20 years of experience to get a job. Experience is a grade, yes, but … You have a lot of time to learn, young Padawan.

4. If you don't have a project like Copywriter, invest it

It is very difficult for someone to hire you without having examples of what you have done. The easiest thing to do when making a portfolio Copywriter from scratch is invent it. Having examples to show is cool, but really having an example that is cool can be enough, at least at the beginning.

Keep in mind what your niche is, search on some powerful website and see what they are doing with their pages, their copy, email marketing … and use all that as an example. Something like this that I teach you (I'm showing you the magician's secrets … you owe me a coffee)

Project Type: Who we are from a musical instrument store

objective: Help the user know what is different with many others that exist

When you do it this way, you are creating a connection between you and your potential client of «You have a problem and I have a solution». The client has the problem and you provide the solution with your texts.

5. Get a course or seek advice from other professionals

Are you sure you want to be a Copywriter? Then it is best that you form somehow. Find a course in conditions or get advice from other professionals … There are many groups on Facebook, like this one, that can be very useful.

Do you remember what we talked about inventing a project? Most courses have these cases for their students. Not only will you learn, but you'll also have a good example for your portfolio.

In any case, you already know that I am at your disposal for anything related to social networks and the copy you need All you have to do is write me!

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