Ideas and tips for wedding guests

This morning a friend sent me a picture of her eldest daughter who was on a wedding last Saturday. Yes, I have older friends who have older daughters. He sent me the photo to see the "winter wedding" look that was marked. I can only say that she was beautiful, full of style, her personality was seen in every detail … I leave nothing to chance and managed to be the perfect guest. I can not show you photos, he has not given me his permission, but I do want to talk about how to be the perfect guest using a pamela that took away the meaning and captured looks.

During all these years, we have talked with many wedding guests and there have been many of them, the ones that have used the phrases: "the headdresses are beautiful, but I don't see myself" or "I love it, but I don't know how to combine it with the dress and hairstyle ”or some other phrase like that. We have concluded that there are many who would take the step but do not dare. With this post we would like to convince a doubtful guest and to look different and radiant for a day. We are convinced that you will like the experience.

There are many types of headdresses, I will give you a mini summary:

* Canotier: It is the typical hat of the gondoliers of Venice until Coco Chanel popularized it. It consists of straw, a low and flat glass and decorated with black ribbon.

* Caps: Also called "dishes." They are touched sideways that occupy only a part of the head.

* Pamela: It is the headdress par excellence for tomorrow's weddings, since its function is to protect us from the sun. The wings of the pamelas have a width similar to that of the shoulders, but there are a thousand possibilities.

* Headband: It is considered the most comfortable headdress because of its easy grip and its low volume.

* Tiara: For weddings day or night, in summer or winter.

* Turban: It was an icon in the 30s by Yves Saint Laurent. Nowadays, it gives an exotic and glamorous touch to the guest looks.

* Appliques: They are small pieces that are strategically placed to beautify.

First of all, we leave you a couple of tips which must be taken into account to choose a headdress.

The first advice that we give you is that you do not stop being you, we are going to feel comfortable, and the second is to adapt the headdress at the time of the day of the event, since a headdress by day is not the same as a headdress by night. For the rest, let you advise by the staff that makes / sells you. But if you have any questions, we leave you some information.

The headdresses every day take more prominence when thinking about the look. The headdress is considered as a star complement to the look to go from a "more normal" look to a lookazo. Headdresses for wedding guests require a certain protocol that must be taken into account, that is, if you leave home with a headdress, you return home just as you have left. But when choosing a complement, whether touched, pamela, headband, tiara, turban or canotier, you should think about your comfort and the moment in which the event takes place (for example, day) so you do not you can wear it and leave it during the whole event even if it is night, some of its charm and function would be lost as it would be in the case of pamelas or canotier.

What they have asked us the most is what we do to know how to choose which headdress suits us the most. So we leave you some advice:

  1. Try you a thousand. We are always accompanied by our mother or friends to this type of shopping, but the most important thing is your opinion to find the perfect complement, whether touched or pamelas or canotiers.
  2. Comfort above all. You will take it many hours for a day and you don't have to feel it like a stranger.
  3. It is important to consider your height. For example, if you are a tall girl, a wide-brimmed pamela is advised without going over the shoulder line. If you are shorter, a medium wing would be good.
  4. The shape of your face is important.
  5. The dress is essential when buying this accessory.
  6. The hairstyle. I think the most elegant would be a low pick or braid, but if you want it to be more natural, then opt for some waves and mane to the wind …

Well, we hope that these tips and info have been useful to turn your look into lookazo.